News archive 2016

08.-09.12.2016: Prof. Bersick at workshop on „EU-ChinaRelations: A New Era of Cooperation?“ at Free University Berlin, Germany

04.-16.12.2016: Vistiting Researcher WANG Shichen at the Department of International Political Economy of East Asia

01.+03.12.2016: Professor Bersick as reviewer at the department of economic and social sciences of the University Rostock, Germany

25.+26.11.2016: Working Group of Socio-Scientific China Studies of the German Association for Asian Studiesgathering at Ruhr Universität Bochum

24.11.2016: Dr. Sarah Kirchberger is speaker at the 2016 Europe's Strategic Choices conference in Berlin,Germany

18.11.2016: Maritime Challenges in the Asia Pacific: Moving Towards Political,Environmental, and Functional Cooperation”: The Department of International Political Economy of East Asia co-organizes international conference on maritime security in East Asia, in Manila, the Philippines

07.-09.11.2016: Prof. Bersick paticipates in NNC Conference 2016 inCopenhagen,Denmark

26.10.2016: Article published on Friends of Europe Website

30.08.-03.09.2016: Dr. Ulrike Solmecke at the Degrowth Conference in Budapest and the International Sustainability Transition Conference in Wuppertal

25.-29.07.2016: RUB-Delegation on the „YICGG“ Conference inShanghai,China

12.+13.07.2016: China, Europe, and the PoliticalEconomy of Eurasian Connectivity

07.07.2016: Guest Lecture by Prof. Khani on "Regional Integration in the Middle East: The East Asian Factor"

04.-06.07.2016: Prof. Bersick as speaker at the 11thAsia-EuropePeople’s Forum in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

22.06.2016: Taking part in the "Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance" (YICGG 2016)

28.-29.04.2016: Diana Schnelle (M.A.) at the NAJS conference in Trondheim, Norway

04.02.2016: Discussion on Current Security Issues in Northeast Asia in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

03.02.2016: Prof. Bersick at ASEAM Workshop in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

20.01.2016: “Classical Chinese and Greek Just War Traditions: a Comparative Analysis“, lecture by Dr. Chen Yudan (Fudan University, Shanghai)

19.01.2016: “How to Explain China’s Foreign Policy: Role Theory with Chinese Characteristics“, lecture by Dr. Chen Yudan (Fudan University, Shanghai)

14.01.2016: Research SeminarWorkshop: “China’s New Roles in Global Politics”

12.01.2016: Visiting researcher Dr. Chen Yudan, Fudan University, Shanghai