Discover the Heart of Modern China


Study abroad in Shanghai, China´s fast-paced commercial hub, experience and live in a completely different culture! Study at one of the highest rank University in China, Fudan University in Shanghai. And gain insights into one of the most relevant countries in the world. 

Starting in WiSe 2021/22, study places will be offered as part of the exchange programme between the OAW Faculty and the School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA) of Fudan University in Shanghai

Would you like to improve your career prospects by learning how matters in China really work? Apply to an exchange programme at SIRPA at Fudan Universtiy! You can study for one or two semesters and deepen your knowledge of modern China. Open for both undergraduate (B.A.) and graduate (M.A.) students. 

Shanghai literally means "on the sea" and its location at the biggest river in China and by the East China Sea dominates and flourishes the city´s existence and nature. Studying abroad in Shanghai allows you to experience and enjoy the city´s unique, vibrant international atmosphere as a meeting point between East and West and seize the many opportunities it offers. For further information, please contact our colleague Ms. Mireia Paulo:

For more information of reports and successful exchanges by students, please follow the link below.

Videos of students